Our Kaupapa:

Elevare was created by Shannon Rose after facilitating breathwork for several years and seeing the profound effect it was having on not only individuals, but whole whanau units, business’ and communities. She saw people heal from long standing fertility issues, to addictions, depression and even suicide. People came in lost in life, and were able to find themselves in a space of three hours. 


Shannon has been requested to hold this training countlessly over the years, and after spending years refining her craft, gaining greater training and growing both personally and professionally, her Tupuna let her now it was time. 


The Elevare mission is to adequately train facilitators to feel confident, educated and grounded in integrity, to offer breathwork to their community. There is a ripple effect of healing happening across the world, and breathwork has the potential to change not only the lives of millions of individuals, but generate huge change globally.


Elevare was founded in New Zealand, and has a strong link with Shannon's whakapapa as taha Maori. Shannon's vision is to see this work spread globally, sharing the profound wisdom and transformation available. 


"We are here to generate a ripple effect of breath across the globe."


Where 'Elevare' Comes from:


Elevare to elevate, uplift or raise. Latin; (“to raise, lift up”), from e (“out”) + levare (“to make light, to lift”), from levis (“light”).

As we rise up with the waves of the breath, we elevate the body, mind, heart & soul. We elevate the community, we elevate the world.

We work within the model of Te Whare Tapa Whā, Maori Health, that to achieve holistic health, all four cornerstones need to be honoured, body (tinana), mind & heart (hinengaro), soul (wairua) and family / community (whanau).

Through working with this we acknowledge that healing is not an isolated experience, it must includes all facets that make up our holistic health. 

To make light again, the human experience. 

To build resilience, in life's challenges. 

And to create connection, to the wider whanau network. 


Our Training: 

We have Two Current Levels of Training including:

BreathWav™ Level One and Two (200 hours) Become a Breathwork Facilitator

(Now Enrolling for Feb 2024).


Shannon has had the privilege of being part of the early wave of Breathwork in Aotearoa, and has seen many renditions of the work. It is an honour to offer this kaupapa, to share the skill and experience with other willing facilitators who wish to continue this ripple effect of breath. 
Become a BreathWav™ Facilitator


Nau Mai, Haere Mai
Ko Konaki Toku Maunga
Ko Harataunga Toku Awa
Ko Harouta Toku Waka
Ko Harataunga Rakairoa Toku Marae
Ko Ngati Porou Ki Hauraki Te Iwi
Ko Shannon Rose Toku Ingoa

Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa

Shannon Rose has been a pioneer for breathwork in Aotearoa since 2017, creating a ripple effect of breathwork as a healing modality nationwide. She has lead hundreds in groups for several years, and has since developed a new modality, Elevare Breathwav™. This kaupapa take a nervous system informed approach, as well as modeled in te whare tapa wha (Maori worldview of health). 


Shannon Rose grew up in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) and hails from the Coromandel and Tauranga Region. 

She has been facilitating Breathwork since 2016, since training and working with Christabel Zamor of Breath of Bliss, a modality based on conscious connected breathwork. 

Prior to this Shannon held a successful marketing career in San Francisco and Aotearoa, following her degree in Communication from Auckland University of Technology. 

After returning from her training in Bali and Thailand, Shannon was one of the first in Aotearoa to begin sharing Breathwork ceremonies with hundreds across the country at workshops, festivals, one on one and online.

During this time, she gained greater mastery in safe practice, space holding, energetic integrity and somatic integration. 

Her work is consistently celebrated for the safety participants feel, the positive and long lasting effects, and life changing results.

Shannon weaves esoterics into her work, with a keen interest in the intersection between soul & body, mind & heart. 

Elevare BreathWav™ is her offering to integral leaders who wish to add a new depth to their work.


Shannon's Personal Journey With the Breath:

Breathwork was the start of my true healing journey, prior to this, I only knew what I read in books, as soon as I layed down for my first Breathwork Ceremony, I knew this was what I was here to do.

Breathwork helped me to heal my heart, negative core beliefs, family bonds and opened my tupuna connection. 

When I was in Thailand I had a powerful breathwork journey where my Kuia, Great Great Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Grandmother came to me sharing a powerful healing and message that I was to go back to Aotearoa and share this work, now we are here. 

It is a deep honour to share this work, I know first hand how life changing breathwork can be. Whether it's bringing whanau back together, healing intergenerational trauma, letting go of the past, or finding your true path, Breathwork is the medicine we need in the world right now.