Upcoming Events

Ngaru o te Tinana ~ Waves of the Body.

Experience Elevare BreathWav™ at an Event.  





Upcoming  Events:


Join an Elevare BreathWav event and experience the ripple effect of transformation. 

Elevare BreathWav™ with Shannon Rose &
DJ Leah Luna 

Resolution Festival, Dec 29 - 2 Jan 2024, Auckland, New Zealand.

Use code TENOFFRES for 10% off your ticket. 


Elevare BreathWav™Practioners Training.

February 5-9, 2024, Taupo New Zealand.

200 Hour Practitioners Training, 3 Month Certification and Weekend Practicum Immersion. 


What Breathwork Can Do For You and Your Community:


Breathwork is an incredible multifaceted tool. At Elevare, we work within the Te Whare Tapa Whā Model of Maori Health. In this model, all cornerstones of health must be worked with to achieve holistic health. Through breathwork we are able to achieve & access this, often with more ease than other modalities. 

Hinengaro (Mental & Emotional)

Through breathwork and the release on a mental and emotional level we are able to resolve trauma & lifelong patterns.
Some benefits include:

  • Increased feelings of love, happiness & connection
  • Increased feelings of inspiration, purpose & clarity
  • Increased feelings of calm, peace & regulation
  • Increased confidence, self esteem & self image
  • Greater cognitive function & brain activity
  • Lessened or Alleviated Anxiety, Panic, Worry or Overwhelm
  • Lessened or Alleviated Depression, Shutdown & Disassociation
  • Lessened or Alleviated Addiction Tendencies
  • Resolve & Release of Shame, Guilt & Fear
  • Resolve & Release of Rage & Anger

Tinana (Physical Health)

Through breathwork and the release on a physical level we are able support the body in circulating, moving & operating more with more ease.
Some benefits include:

  • Increased energy,  physical immunity & vitality 
  • Increased alkalinity & release of toxins
  • Lowered blood pressure & improved circulation 
  • Reduced chronic pain & physical ailments 
  • Improved digestion
  • Strengthened respiratory muscles & increased breathing capacity
  • Increased fertility & hormonal health 
  • Improved sleep & stress management
  • Increased muscle tone  & mobility in the body
  • Increased confidence to use the voice & body in every day life


Wairua (Spiritual Health)

Through breathwork and the connection on a spiritual level, we are able to increase our sense belonging & connectiveness. 
Some benefits include:

  • Increased feelings of connection to your inner self
  • Increased feelings of connection to nature, greater power and universe 
  • Increased feelings of connection to others
  • Increased intuition & spiritual gifts  
  • Increased knowing in ones purpose & creative gifts
  • Increased moments of insight & spiritual awakenings
  • Increased feelings of connection to ancestors (tipuna) and spiritual guides
  • Lessened or Alleviated spiritual disturbances 


Whanau (Family & Community)

Through Breathwork and the healing on an interpersonal level, we are able to increase our connections with whanau & community.
Some benefits include:

  • Increased feelings of connection to your whanau, friends and community 
  • Increased interpersonal skills & capacity for others
  • Whanau & friend connection healing
  • Healing of intergenerational trauma
  • Healing & unerstanding of attachment trauma
  • Deepening of romantic relationships & intimacy
  • More openness for love & connection
  • Strengthened communication & compassion for others
  • Lessening of separation & isolation from Whanau & community 
  • Increased desire to support the community & be supported.